Tonic FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tonic?
Tonic is a prescription medication delivery service in Australia. Tonic partners with trusted pharmacies throughout Australia to provide you with a pharmacy delivery service you can trust. Our partner pharmacies all share our vision for a better pharmacy experience for our customers.
Do I need a prescription to use Tonic?
Yes, we do not provide prescriptions. You will need to obtain a prescription from your local doctor or a trusted home doctor service. If you are looking for a home doctor service, we recommend House Call Doctor.
How does it work?
Simply download the Tonic app for iOS or Android. Create an account, take a photo of your prescription and let us know where you’d like it delivered. Once your order is placed, a local, trusted Tonic Partner Pharmacy will dispense your order in a tamper-proof bag. Your order is then delivered to your chosen address by a Tonic pharmacy trained driver.
What is a Tonic Partner Pharmacy?
Tonic partners with local, trusted Australian pharmacies to offer you a trusted, reliable delivery service for your medication. Our partner pharmacies are all established Australian pharmacies with locally employed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.
Can I trust the medication you provide?
Yes. The medication delivered by Tonic is dispensed by a local, trusted Australia pharmacy. Tonic partners with trusted local Australian pharmacies to provide the best pharmacy experience for our customers.
Where do you deliver?
We currently deliver within 15km of the Brisbane CBD. We have plans to expand to other areas in Australia soon. If you would like Tonic in your area, please let us know.
Which hours does Tonic operate?
Our support centre is available from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Before you place your order, you can choose a time and day for delivery that is convenient for you.
How long will it take to receive my order?
We provide you with live updates as your order is being processed, dispensed and delivered. When ordering, you can choose your preferred delivery time and day.
I’ve made an order and I need help.
We’re always here to help. Please contact us for assistance. Remember you can also contact your Tonic partner pharmacy that dispensed your medication for medicine related support. To find out your Tonic partner pharmacy please contact us or refer to your order details in the Tonic app.
Do you have other questions?
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